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    Big Red II, IU's supercomputer is being used to research sustainable non-fossil fuel energy sources. It also ranks 87th on the Green 500 list for supercomputer energy efficiency as of November, 2014.
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    Workers pack outdated computer equipment at the 2012 E-Waste Recycling Event in Bloomington. Photo courtesy of Indiana University.

What is sustainable computing?

Technology is a part of our daily lives. Each day, we use our devices for work, to conduct personal business, to socialize with others, and for entertainment. What we often don’t think about is how our technology use impacts the environment.

By considering the following questions, you can begin to make more sustainable computing decisions. Explore the topics below to learn how you can lessen your technology impact.



What do you do with your electronic devices when you are done with them?

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Can the energy demands of your devices be reduced without sacrificing performance?

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How much paper do you consume and what are the impacts of its production, use and disposal?

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