Green IT

Although our appetite for technology use seems boundless in modern life, the natural resources used to produce and power our gadgets are not. Practicing sustainable computing practices helps us conserve the earth’s resources and reflects good stewardship.

Indiana University’s cutting edge information technology services and infrastructure make the university a global leader in information technology. As a global computing powerhouse, IU is utilizing new technology initiatives to reduce the university’s impact on the environment. From adopting “green” technology purchasing practices to establishing environmentally sound e-waste disposal procedures, IU is committed to creating a sustainable computing environment.

As members of the Indiana University community, we have a responsibility to be sustainable with our technology. From the Big Red II supercomputer to the thousands of computers used by students, faculty and staff, IU’s computing habits have a major impact on the university’s carbon footprint. By educating ourselves about the best practices of sustainable computing, we can reduce the impact IU has on the planet.

The Sustainable IT Working Group

Formed by UITS at the request of the IU Office of Sustainability in 2009, the Sustainable IT Working Group (SITWG) is a cross-functional team of faculty, staff and students who are dedicated to improving sustainable computing practices at IU. Since its formation, SITWG has focused on utility management for computing resources, responsible management of e-waste, print reduction initiatives and the use of technology as a vehicle for improving sustainability.

SITWG’s mission is to leverage resources, skill and knowledge with the goal of lowering the environmental impact of our technological practices and effectively employ technologies to lower the environmental impact of the campus and its constituents.

Interested in getting involved? Contact us at greenit@iu.edu.